The GREAT CHEYENNE KIWANIS CLUB will be the county’s leading organization engaging adult and youth volunteers to meet the needs of the community, with emphasis on children and promoting volunteerism.
Established March 27, 1922, The Cheyenne Kiwanis Club was formed for the purpose of doing the human, helpful things that people, working as individuals, cannot accomplish; that governments should not be expected to do; and that need doing for the good of the community.

As the second largest Kiwanis Club in the world, the Kiwanis Club of Cheyenne is ideally staffed and equipped for such service.
This club is recognized for its leadership and activities, not only in the Rocky Mountain District, but also by Kiwanis International.

Locally, the Kiwanis Club and the Golden K Kiwanis Club, the Key Clubs in Cheyenne High Schools and the Builders Clubs in the Junior High School, seek and originate activities which will contribute to the improvement of quality of life for all citizens of the area. The clubs also lend support to the community-oriented projects of other service organizations and services. More than thirty standing committees are at work throughout the year to assure the perpetuation of the various projects of the Kiwanis Club of Cheyenne.

The Kiwanis Club has established the Cheyenne Kiwanis Club Foundation, which founded Magic City Enterprises to provide sheltered work activity and housing for people with special needs.
The Foundation is establishing a fund to provide support for additional charitable needs as they arise in the community.  Persons or organizations interested in making a tax exempt contribution to the Cheyenne Kiwanis Club Foundation, or inquiring about the interests of Kiwanis, may write to

Cheyenne Kiwanis Club Foundation
Box 1266
Cheyenne, Wy. 82003.

FAX – 635-7942

Contact Info:

Please feel free to email the Cheyenne Kiwanis Club with
questions on membership and future events.

Please visit the Cheyenne Kiwanis Club web site to get info about our club and what Kiwanis is all about.