Rib Fest Sponsorship Form

Deadline for sponsor inclusion in event promotional materials is June 30, 2016.


Name: ________________________________________________________________________________

Company: _____________________________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip: _________________________________________________________________________

Telephone: ____________________________________________________________________________

Email: _______________________________________________________________________________

Please fax completed form to 307-638-3763 or mail it to: Cheyenne Kiwanis Ribfest P.O. Box 1266 Cheyenne, WY 82003


I would like to sponsor Cheyenne Kiwanis Rib Fest!

o Toast of the Town: Platinum Sponsor – $5,000

o Gold Sponsor            – $2,500

o Silver Sponsor           – $1,000

o VIP Sponsor              – $500

o Ballot Box Sponsor    – $250


Can’t find the perfect sponsor level for your business? Feel free to contact us if you have ideas about where you fit, but don’t see your sponsor level listed on the opportunities sheet. We will be sure to accommodate anyone who wants to support Rib Fest!

Monitory Donation:

I am not able to sponsor Rib Fest at this time. Please accept $_____________ as my contribution to support Cheyenne Kiwanis Club and the children’s event they support.


Amount Enclosed: $_____________ o Check # ________ (please make your check payable to Cheyenne Kiwanis Ribfest) A portion of your contribution may be tax deductible. Talk to your financial advisor. DRS tax exempt #98-06075.


For more information about Rib Fest sponsorship opportunities, please contact Travis Bednar.

Cell: 307-287-0246